COVID-19 Planning


WEB Vaccine Decisions


We know protecting your loved one with a disability is one of your highest priorities. We also know it’s not always easy to decide what is best. That is why ASGA is providing information to help you make informed decisions.


When you schedule

  • Ask for forms ahead of time
  • Prepare a One Page Discussion Page to explain how the staff can provide support
  • Ask if there is a quiet room available for waiting

Before You Go

  • Explain the process to your loved one
  • Use a Social Story
  • Decide on a reward for after the appointment
    • Favorite treat, screen time, preferred activity
  • Determine if a communication board would be helpful
  • Pack shot blocker

At Your Appointment

  • Bring an activity, fidgets, or a device to use during wait times
  • Think about sensory needs – weighted lap blanket, sunglasses, headphones
  • Request that staff use the shot blocker

After Your Appointment

  • Know what side effects to expect
  • Set a reminder for when to schedule next appointment
  • Give your loved one their reward!




What is it

  • Reusable tool that instantly alleviates needle injection pain
  • Can be used for adults and pediatric
  • Drug free – no creams or sprays
  • Suitable for insulin, immunizations, allergy shots, growth hormone therapy, and many more.

How does it work

When pressed firmly against the skin at the injection site, the ShotBlocker saturates the sensory nerves and distracts the patient from any pain signals caused by the needle poke.

How do I use it

Press the ShotBlocker bumpy side down firmly over injection site and administer the shot through the opening of the “C” shape.

Tips for Introducing

  • Show it to your loved one, let them feel the bumps.  
  • Explain that the ShotBlocker doesn’t hurt, it just presses against your arm.
  • Press it against your arm. Let them press it against your arm and their own arm.




What is it

A reusable handheld vibrating device with removable ice wings that alleviates needle injection pain

How does it work

Buzzy Bee uses the combination of cold and vibrations to saturate sensory nerves to help block pain and sharp sensations from injections.

How do I use it

Freeze wings. Attach wings to device and use the strap to secure device arm right on the injection site for 30-60 seconds. Buzzy’s head should be the end farthest away from the injection site. Slide device up so it will be between the injection site and the shoulder. Turn on vibrations and leave it in place for a minimum of 3 minutes. Administer shot.