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Fundraising Tips


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Send Your Communication Early!

Send out your communication as soon as possible.  Do it early so that people have plenty of time to make a donation.  Those who receive it will also have time to tell their friends, family and co-workers about the Autism Society of Greater Akron and the Autism 5k Run and Walk.

Ready to do it #4AUTISM today? Whether you’re new to raising funds or have participated before, you’ll find helpful tips and resources here.

Fund-Raiser Walk Teams raise $50 for a race shirt and $100 for a race shirt, sunglasses and beach ball!  Individual fundraising PRIZES available too!  Happy Fund-Raising and Thank You for your support!





Before you and your teammates send your letter and/or email, you need to determine who to send it to.  Remember, the larger your list, the larger your result.

For every 4 to 5 contacts you make, you will get ONE response.

Start by gathering names for your list from:

      • Address book, email address book
      • Phone contact list
      • Holiday card list
      • Social networking sites (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn)

Think about the people you see every day:

      • People in your officeask wordle
      • Parents on your children’s sports teams
      • School classmates
      • Family members
      • School contacts
      • Business contacts
      • Doctors or therapists
      • People at your place of worship

What about the people from your past?

      • Former classmates, teammates and roommates
      • Former neighbors and coworkers
      • Former teachers
      • Members of your fraternal and alumni organizations

Consider contacting the businesses you frequent, including:

      • Grocery
      • Dry cleaner
      • Favorite restaurant
      • Veterinarian
      • Local coffee shop


Send a Letter

√  Not everyone has emailmailbox

√  People will enjoy hearing from you

√  Include Autism Facts found  pdf HERE

√  Be sure to include this pdf DONATION FORM

Send an Email

√  Create your fundraising pageemail

√  You will receive a link to your fundraising page

√  Send to all of your contacts

√  Ask everyone to forward your email to increase donations

Share on Facebook and Twitter

√  facebook twitter logosLet your Social Circle know you are participating

√  Share your message from your CrowdRise fundraising page

√  Make a Facebook Event

√  Like us on FACEBOOK for up-to-date information


Tips for Writing Your Letter

      • Describe how the diagnosis has impacted you and your family, including challenges and successes
      • State facts about the Autism Society of Greater Akron
      • Mention your personal and team fundraising goal
      • Include a photo of you, or your family member
      • Send the DONATION FORM with your letter
      • Track your donations using the form HERE
      • Thank them for their generous support!

Tips for Composing Your Email

      • Use the same tips for writing your letter
      • Include the link to your fundraising page

Use Social Media

      • Share your participation
      • Create a Facebook event
      • Post your progress towards your fundraising goal
      • Request donations
      • Thank your donors

Sample Message - Ask for Donation

Everyone has blessings in their life. My blessing is my (son, daughter, etc.) who’s diagnosed with Autism. Yes, it’s trying at times; however, the Autism Society of Greater Akron is there for families like ours who live in our community that need help and support.  They offer educational opportunities, teach awareness and understanding of autism, advocate for improved services, and are the “go to” agency on autism in our community.  Their “Help Line” alone provided 500 hours of support to individuals who needed information and services, and they do this free.

For all these reasons, I am raising money to support this organization, so they can continue to support the autism community.  Please consider joining our team or making a tax-deductible donation today. 100% of the money raised is donated to the programs provided for individuals affected by Autism. Simply make a quick online donation (insert link to your fundraising page) or mail a check to 701 S. Main Street, Akron Ohio 44311. Please write our team’s name in the memo section.

Thank you for making a difference in my (son’s, daughter’s, etc.) life and for all the people impacted by autism in our community!

Team (insert team name here)

Sample Message - Join My Team

On June 17, 2017, people will be crowding the streets in celebration of the Autism Society of Greater Akron’s seventh annual Autism 5K Run and Walk. Here, we raise awareness and money to better the lives of those affected by Autism. Last year, over 2,200 people participated and $115,000 was raised.

Join me and my team to exceed last year’s victories, and give those affected by Autism the opportunities they deserve. 100% of the money raised is donated to the programs provided for these individuals, and is tax-deductible.   It’s easy to become a member of the team, just visit our team page (insert team page link) and use the “JOIN THE TEAM” button.

Thank you for joining Team (insert team name)! We hope to see you on June 17th!!

Sample Message - Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to donate to our (team name). We appreciate your generosity and compassion for those affected by Autism. With your kind donation, the Autism Society of Greater Akron can stay true to its mission and help families with their Autism journey right here in our community.

The Autism Society of Greater Akron was founded in 1992 and is an affiliate of the Autism Society of America, a national network of affiliates who are a source of information, advocacy, education and support that reaches local communities.  Greater Akron’s service territory is Summit, Stark, Medina, Portage and Wayne counties.

Together, we are making a difference!


 team power


Here is a list of fun ways for teams to engage their family and friends when raising money for their cause.

Canning – Create an autism awareness information board, enlist some of your friends as volunteers and collect donations outside of your local supermarket.  TIP:  Make sure to first receive permission from the store.

Change Jar – Each team member takes a jar and the first person to fill it up gets a prize. Start off with small jars and increase in size each round. Prizes get better each round.  Use the ASGA Donation Jar Labels.

Game Night – Host a party and have every team member bring their favorite game.  $10 to get in the door!  Or hold a card tournament with a $20 entry fee – half goes to the winner and half goes to your Akron Autism Walk team.  Don’t forget to set up a concessions stand for some extra fundraising.

Garage Sale – Team members band together by donating items for one huge garage sale. Advertise wherever you can.  Make sure people know where their donations go!

Karaoke Night – Hold this event at a popular neighborhood spot and charge entrance OR rent a karaoke machine and hold a tournament at your house.  Participants can sing their hearts out for autism and voting is done in dollars!

Network – Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social networking sites?  Use it to let your friends and family across the country know about your fundraising efforts for Akron’s Autism 5k Run & Walk.  Post updates on your goal and your progress.  Include links to your Walk webpage.

Wine Tasting Party – Get the wine, cheese and chocolate donated or pull from your team members’ stashes! Invite all your friends to come and charge admission.

Workout Fun - Yoga / Zumba / Spin / Basketball / Soccer – Invite friends and family to participate.  Find an instructor that will donate proceeds back to your team. Afterwards, provide workout treats and ask for donations.  Train for your 5k and raise money at the same time!

Here is a list of fun ways for schools to raise money for the cause.

Car Wash – Get your soap and sponges ready – wash cars and donate the proceeds.  Find a popular location to get more visibility and raise more money.

Lemonade Stand – It’s classic and effective. Let the kids help out and make the lemonade with a twist – add fresh fruit, serve as a slushy, or add an adult beverage.

Movie Night – Host a movie night in the school auditorium. Sell popcorn, homemade treats, drinks, and candy.

Pajama Day/Crazy Hat Day – Pay a small fee to wear pajamas or a crazy hat to school. 

Penny Wars or Change for Change – Each classroom competes to fill a jug.  Offer a pizza party to the winner as an incentive. 

Photo Booth – Set up a booth with a variety of props at lunch or in conjunction with another event and take photos with your smart phone for a donation. 

Sporting Event – Raise awareness and funds.  Hold a 50/50, raffle, donate concession sales or just simply collect donations by canning at the event.  Announcer can share autism facts and information. 

Sweets Sale – Make your favorite sweets and sell them at school.  Make in the shape of puzzle pieces or the autism awareness ribbon.  You can buy miniature candies and sell those too for a small donation.

Company teams and co-workers enjoy camaraderie in the workplace.  Use incentives prizes like a prime parking spot, a comp day or company promotional wear to add to the fun.  

Paper Pinups for Sale – Sell the ASGA Paper Pinup for a $1.  Customers or employees can sign the paper pinup and they can be hung on a giving wall in the office or store.  

Crazy Hat Day, Jeans Day, PJ Day, Sports Team Day – Have coworkers donate $5 to participate.  Use ASGA stickers to people can show support.

Jail and Bail – Kidnap a boss or owner, and ship them off to jail. They can post their own bail or they can solicit bail from friends, family, and employees.

Office Olympics – Have a fun day at work. Hold events like typing competitions, swivel chair races, staple pull contests, stress ball toss, water cooler drinking game, etc. Ask all athletes to pay an entry fee.

Pancake Breakfast – This is a perfect event to host before work. Create a mouthwatering hot breakfast menu with coffee and juice.  Charge $10 a plate!

Spot the Baby Competition – Have everyone bring a baby.  Have co-workers, friends, or family see who can name the most.  Charge $5 for each entry.

VIP Parking – Raffle off that coveted parking spot for a year!

Zzzzzzs – Pay a fee to catch some extras Zs and come in late to work one Friday.

Does your employer match employee donations?

Many companies have programs through which they will match all or part of their employees’ donations to charitable organizations.  These matches are often dollar for dollar so matching gifts are a great way to increase and even double your fundraising totals.  These programs vary from employer to employer, so talk with your Human Resources Department.  Remember to ask your donors and team members to check with their employers as well.

Reminder:  Matching gifts do not count toward a fundraising commitment until the matching check is received and processed by ASGA. So be sure to handle the matching gift process early and don’t forget to ask when the check will actually be written and mailed to ASGA.



raise 150 in 7 days














ten days raise 500






















We are here to help you develop your plan for raising money for your cause.

This  FUNDRAISING GUIDE is full of fun ideas, bite off what makes sense to you and is feasible for your team.

Use the walk materials below, be creative and have fun! 

Add your contact information to these flyers then place them near elevators or in the kitchen at your workplace, at your desk or on a local community bulletin board.  Print on 8.5 x 11 paper.



Put these labels on containers to collect loose change.  Keep it at your place of employment in the kitchen or break room or on your desk.  Ask a local retailer or restaurant to place it near the register.  Or bring it door-to-door throughout your neighborhood.

To print use Avery Labels 5168 or any label size 3-1/2” x 5” or print on 8.5 x 11 paper and cut apart.



Sell these paper pinups for a $1 at a local retailer, at your school or have a competition among departments at the office.

Print on Avery Post Card 8383, 8387, any post card size 4-1/4” x 5-1/2” or print on cardstock and cut to size.



Branded note-cards add credibility to donation requests.  They also serve as a thoughtful way to thank volunteers, donors, and sponsors. 

Print on Avery Note Card 8315, any note card size 4-1/4” x 5-1/2” or print on cardstock and cut to size.


Hand them out to friends, family or anyone you meet.  Include them in correspondence to colleagues, friends or family.  Put them on the counter at local businesses or at the front desk of your workplace.

Print on Avery Business Card 8376, 8371 or any cards size 3 ½” x 2”.




than you