On The Right Side of Autism: Success for Everyone!



Module 1: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Social, communication and behavioral differences can create challenges and opportunities. In this module, the Autism Society Greater Akron provides an introduction to ASD. Presented by: Laurie Cramer, Executive Director, ASGA.

Module 2: Parents as Partners: Panel of parents will present their perspective and experiences of being the parent of an adult with a disability. Tips for improved communication with guardians/parents will also be presented with the goal of improved outcomes. Moderated by Laurie Cramer, Executive Director, ASGA.

Module 3: Transition – Planning Life Beyond High School: Transitioning from school is a big step and starts well before individuals begin a day habilitation program, group home, job, etc. This module discusses the transition process to help guide a successful landing at whatever next step a student chooses. Presented by: Shannon Lepri, BCaBA, KidsLink School.

Module 4: Behavior is Communication: Why Does He Do That? Practical Intervention for Challenging Behavior: The Functions of Behavior - We all do things with a purpose or function. This module presents some common functions of various behaviors exhibited by individuals with ASD. We walk through collecting information, figuring out the function, and end with some practical interventions. Presented by: Monica Jones, BCBA, Total Education Solutions.

Module 5: Taking Individuals with ASD into the Community - How to Navigate Problem Behavior: Community outings can be hard for staff and persons alike. This module will cover the pre-planning stages of a trip to the store and ways to navigate problem behaviors that may occur at a variety of venues in the community. Presented by: Alan Fullbright, BCBA, BlueSprig.

Module 6: Visual Supports and Daily Routines: Reduce anxiety and increase independence by understanding how to use visual supports. Learn about the various types of visual supports and reinforcement systems that can assist with learning new skills and encouraging positive behavior. Presented by: Erika Nixon, BCBA, Total Education Solutions.

Live Review with Q&A Session: Participants are encouraged to join the “live” review session via a virtual platform. Attendees will use knowledge acquired from the learning modules to evaluate scenarios and provide solutions. A Q&A session will be used to address specific questions from participants. Session Scheduled for Dec 3 at 4:00 p.m.


Duration: 60 days
Price: $25.00