iCan Bike Camp


Seventh Annual Camp • July 9-13, 2018

This 5-day camp teaches individuals of all different abilities how to ride a two-wheel bicycle without training wheels.  It is truly an amazing experience for both participants and volunteers.

Camp accepts 40 riders on a first-come, first-served basis.  Riders attend the same 75 minute session each day for 5 consecutive days. 

Camp Times:  There are 5 sessions offered each day at 8:30 AM, 10:05 AM, 11:20 AM, 2:00 PM and 3:35 PM. 

Riders use a specialized bicycle designed to teach appropriate balance for the entire 75 minutes each day while accompanied by their assigned volunteers.  Riders begin indoors then transition outside to the track as their progression permits.  Additionally, camp staff provide fun motivational teaching on a specially designed tandem bike that is generally well received by riders.

Requirements for participation include:

  • Minimum of 8 years of age by start of camp
  • With a diagnosed disability
  • Able to walk without assistive device
  • Able to wear a properly fitted bike helmet
  • Able to sidestep to both sides
  • Inseam of 20" or more
  • Weight of 220 lbs. or less
  • Must be able to attend all 5 days of camp

As you evaluate this program it is important to consider behavior as well.  A person may be physically able to ride a bike, but if their behavior is such that they cannot be persuaded to get on the bike and follow instructions, then it is likely this program will not be beneficial.

Cost of the camp is $250 for the week.  If you are paying out-of-pocket as a parent/caregiver (not using County Board of DD or third party funds), then the Autism Society of Greater Akron provides a $75 scholarship to you - making the cost $175 for the week. 

Parents & Volunteers need to attend an Orientation Meeting on Sunday, prior to camp at Copley High School.  This is an important time for parents to learn about the program, ask questions and volunteers receive initial training at this session.  

The video link below is a nice overview of the bike camp day-by-day and does a nice job of touching on all the important aspects from a rider and volunteer perspective.

Please contact us HERE if you have questions, need assistance or would like to be added to the distribution list to be notified when registration opens on April 1, 2018.


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Connor 1

Thank you for an amazing experience Connor had so much fun.  We as his parents just were in amazement watching his progression during the week.  He continues to ride and is doing such a great job.  Thanks so much for all your hard work putting this camp together!

Wendy Vanderneut


Camp was a life-changer!  Before the camp, Miles barely would go outside but now he rides for at least an hour a day.  We have SO much fun riding together and as a family.  It brings me so much pleasure to see how he conquered this fear with the incredible help of the camp.  I can't thank you, the volunteers, or team enough for this incredible blessing.  He FINALLY gets exercise and has a sense of independence.  He now rides down the street to friends' houses to see if they want to ride with him.  Wow, we are so blessed and thank God for your work on this!

Phillip Irvin


David is riding regularly and my husband has resurrected his bike after 20 years and the guys will ride together.

Lynne Novak













Joey Taylor

My student wants to be a physical education teacher someday.  She learned so much about working with children with disabilities and giving them the opportunity to feel successful and proud - much more than I could ever have taught her in the classroom.

Teacher, University of Akron


I volunteered with my two boys - after the first day, both boys not only said they were looking forward to the next four days of camp, but they wanted to do this again next year.  They said it made them feel good to help the campers learn how to ride bikes, seeing smiles on all the rider’s faces while they made progress.

Schmidt Family

meyer dist

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you what an amazing experience our employees had volunteering!  Everyone is talking about it!  We shared some emails with everyone and today we scanned and emailed the precious thank you note that one volunteer received from his student!

Meyer Distribution