ASGA Members

Sustaining members of the Autism Society of Greater Akron support the work we do every day to improve the lives of all those affected by autism in our community.

Membership dollars are a piece of our budget that helps ensure that we can maintain our Help Line, Autism Friendly training, inclusive events, and advocacy work.


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Jon Bluebond
Laurence Bogner
Sarah Bryan

Rachel Cantillon
Jay & Jennifer Casamento
Denise Christensen
Megan Chung
Laurie Cramer
Paul Dougall

Douglas & Andrea Fleming
Jessica Foster
Brianna Goskey
Carol Haines
Geoffrey Hall
Anderson Hawes
Marie Hazen
Kristina Hoskins
Diane Kilivris
Sarah Knaub
Jeanna Kovalski
Christopher Labbe
Buffie LaBelle
Stephen & Sarah Martin
Julie Massouh
Bill & Terri McGurk
Rochelle Nyer
Bryant Palmer
Courtney Pavona
Tim & Jennifer Piatt
Ryan Pink
Chris Read
Kristen Robinson
Rosemarie Schaeufele
Marilyn Schuck

Candice Scofield
Debra Shifrin
Stephanie Shoman
Melissa Snowe
Kathy Thomas
Matthew Ventura
Amber Vojtush
Susan Wallace
William White
Amber Williams

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