Katie: My Story

My Story Katie


Meet Katie


How did she get involved?

"I wanted Katie to participate in iCan Bike Camp since she was old enough but we had always been out of town during that week. We’ve tried for years to get her to ride a bike with no progress. She always loved the idea of riding a bike but was scared by how it wouldn’t stay balanced. She used training wheels but the bike would just lean to one side or the other." - Kelly, mother


Did attending iCan Bike Camp make a difference for Katie?

"I think that the roller bike was one of the best parts of bike camp. It helped her be upright the way she needed to and the stability of it gave her the courage to ride the bike more than she had before. The other part that made a huge difference was having her helpers. She still talks about the volunteers, Heather and Gabe and the encouragement they gave her during bike camp. Maybe being around kids closer to her age made it easier than having me there, and they would let her try on her own more than I would." - Kelly, mother


Was there a lasting impact?

"We went out on our bikes for the first time tonight and I really had to try hard not to just give her a push or hold the bike steady for her (just trying to be more like Heather and Gabe). I’m confident that she will keep getting better throughout the summer and that this will be something we can all do together as a family. Thanks so much for this program!" - Kelly, mother



Before & After: Katie H. learns to ride a bike with volunteer instructors at ASGA's 2018 iCan Bike Camp