Autism 101


autism101The Autism Society of Greater Akron offers Autism 101 training with the objective that once completed, participants will know the fundamentals of having an Autism Spectrum Disorder and how best to interact with a person with Autism. Classes can be geared toward children or adults.

Participants will learn …

  1. The fundamental of an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
  2. How best to support someone with an ASD by understanding the core symptoms of the diagnosis, in addition to associated characteristics.
  3. Best practices for building on a person’s strengths to achieve positive interactions and social opportunities.

This class includes a presentation and break-out sessions to allow for discussion and interaction. It is ideal as an in-service for people who work directly with individuals with an autism spectrum disorder, such as in employment settings, in home healthcare, child care, teaching, camps, homes for those with disabilities, and adult care programs, and generally those who just want to know more about autism.

Autism 101 is taught by ASGA staff and are offered at $150 an hour, which includes the curriculum, travel costs, and presentation day materials and handouts.  Classes are a minimum of two hours.

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