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Repeat this Movement 5 Times on Each Leg

Beginner Elephant Stomps
Start by standing straight up with feet shoulder width apart. Then raise your right leg and bend your left elbow at the same time. Then, without letting both feet touch the ground at the same time, raise your left leg and bend your right elbow. This is marching in place.

Intermediate Elephant Stomps
Same movement as the beginner level, but instead of marching in place, we are going to be doing high knees. This will be more fast paced than the beginner level. It is similar to running in place, but make sure you get your knees up. Make sure you watch the video for this exercise since the description is so similar to the beginner level. Repeat movement 5 times (10 total but 5 on each leg).

Advanced Elephant Stomps
Same movement as intermediate level except after 4 total switches (so being on each leg twice), you are going to turn completely around (180-degrees) and repeat the movement. Do this twice so that you finish in the same place you started.

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