All ages are welcome to join Jane Fitz, ASGA Program Coordinator to enjoy interactive stories, sing songs, and move your body during this Inclusive Storytime. Each session has a theme that the group explores through picture books, music, and movement. Make the story-related crafts and bring them to storytime with you!



Song: Welcome "Hello Friends" Using Sign Language

Song: How Many Friends are Here Today

Book: Pig the Pug
Movement: Dance your pig pug

Song: If you’re friendly and you know it
Say hello, lend a hand, give a squeeze

Book: How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends
Use Craft: 10 Little Dinos for Song

Book: How Kind
Craft: Color the picture and give to someone
Song: The More We Get Together with signs

Song: Goodbye Friends Using Sign Language 


Song: Welcome "Hello Friends" Using Sign Language

Move:  Little Rabbit

Book: Egg
Movement: Fingers - 5 Eggs

Book: Are we there yet?
Discuss: What is patience?  How are you patient?

Book: Waiting
Discuss: Do you ever wait?  What do you wait for?
Activity: Waiting window, Matching memory

Song:  I Am Patient

Move:  Wiggle and Wiggle and Stop and Wait

Song: Goodbye Friends Using Sign Language