Epilepsy & Autism

Jordan MomAccording to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Research, about 20 to 30 percent of Autistic children will develop epilepsy by adulthood.  I had heard that statistic so many times throughout the Autism journey with my son Jordan, but I never imagined that it would happen to my family.  But it did.

Jordan was 16 and attending a high school football game when he collapsed to the ground with convulsions. My heart raced as I had no idea what was happening or how to help him. We were fortunate to have friends who knew he was having a seizure and were familiar with what to do for him ... and me!  This was the beginning of a terrifying two years where Jordan had 18 clonic-tonic seizures that medicine would not control. 

Thankfully, there are tools and information to help individuals with epilepsy and their caregivers. We found a medicine that is working along with a seizure watch that alerts caregivers of clonic-tonic seizures, which is a comfort.

At ASGA, we connect individuals with Autism and their families to the resources they need when they need it. If I could pass on two things I wish I had known before this happened, it would be to understand what seizures look like and learn how to respond if you see a person having one. You never know whose life it might save.

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Lisa Thompson
Sr. Director of Programs & Marketing
Mom to Joshua and Jordan, age 21