Vaccine Education Initiative

In collaboration with the Autism Society of America and 18 other affiliates across the country, the Autism Society of Greater Akron  is participating in the Aging and Disability Vaccine Collaborative (ADVC) Vaccine Education Initiative (VEI) —a public health model to increase vaccine confidence, education, and access for the Autism/Developmental Disability community. Through the VEI, ASGA strives to improve patient and population health by ensuring children, adults, and seniors with disabilities are included and supported.

People with Autism and other disabilities often do not have access to vaccinations for various reasons including the process of vaccination itself. We hope to increase vaccination accessibility for individuals with Autism and other underserved populations by providing training in improved vaccine techniques to healthcare providers and healthcare students.  In addition to training in new vaccination techniques, ASGA provides non-biased educational materials to help families and individuals make informed decisions about vaccines. By improving the vaccine experience, ASGA hopes to make vaccination more accessible for neurodiverse populations at any age.

ASGA is pleased to offer adapted vaccination opportunities to better serve the Autism and the greater disability communities. ASGA will partner with healthcare providers to offer adapted vaccination clinics and train local pharmacy partners in adapted techniques. ASGA will:

  • Provide healthcare workers with an understanding of Autism and barriers to healthcare
  • Teach tips on communicating with Autism/DD community
  • Introduce effective strategies to reduce pain and anxiety for these families during the vaccination visit.
  • Use supports such as visual schedules, communication boards, and social stories during vaccination appointments
  • Teach practical tips to improve vaccine confidence by employing strategies to reduce stress when vaccinating neurodiverse patients.
  • Create inclusive vaccination environments
  • Distribute sensory kits that include equipment such as headphones and fidgets to aid in the vaccination process

In addition to the adapted clinics and healthcare training to various partners in the area,  ASGA will help families and individuals make informed decisions about vaccination by providing resources that are non-biased and fact-based. Our VEI website features information about the various vaccines that are available as well as information about how to make the vaccination process easier and more accessible to neurodiverse people.

Please check back for announcements about future adapted vaccination opportunities!