Let’s Get Organized! Executive Functioning Skills and Autism




Let’s Get Organized!
Executive Functioning Skills and Autism


Are your child’s assignments in a tangled web of papers in his/her book bag?  Can your child tell you about upcoming tests or projects?  Does your child find it difficult to organize thoughts and actions in order to figure out what sequence of steps are needed? 

Executive functioning refers to a person's ability to process information. It includes skills such as organizing, planning, paying attention, preventing inappropriate responses and monitoring impulse control. 

Strengthening executive functioning skills can help students with autism succeed in the classroom as well as build a framework for decision-making in the future. A 2018 study demonstrated that everyday executive functioning predicted strong adaptive skills over and above a person’s age and IQ (Kouklari, Tsermentseli & Monks, 2018).


  • Identify poor executive functioning skills
  • Learn the importance of executive functioning at an early age
  • Discover how strong executive functioning skills support school/job success and promote mental/physical health
  • Hear practical ways to help individuals with autism be more organized, adopt planning skills, develop self-regulation and balance tasks



Catanese HeadshotDr. Kerry Catanese is currently a postdoctoral fellow with Total Education Solutions (TES). She presently provides psychological evaluation, therapy, and Autism Navigation services to children and caregivers at the TES Fairlawn Clinic. Kerry has previous work experience providing individual, parent, and family therapeutic services to early childhood and school aged children in the school, home, and community environments. She also has professional experience completing psychological evaluations with early childhood and school aged children in school, residential treatment center, and outpatient settings. Outside of work, Kerry enjoys spending time in training activities with her dog so she can one day become a certified therapy dog. 




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