Physical Therapy (PT)


Physical therapists (PT) are specialists in sensorimotor development, muscle and joint function, posture, balance and coordination, and gait and functional mobility. They are knowledgeable about orthotic and prosthetic devices, and assistive technology. Physical therapists identify movement problems and determine what is interfering with a child’s ability to develop age-appropriate gross-motor skills.

Physical therapists help young children with autism learn to walk, run, jump, ride a tricycle, and catch a ball. They assist preschoolers and school-aged children in becoming safe in their environments, walking up and down stairs, and climbing, and help children acquire the gross- motor skills necessary to play on the playground or participate in physical education classes with their peers.

Physical therapy may work closely with occupational therapy, sensory integration and/or speech therapy to help maximize the effects of each therapy.


Additional Resources

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