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The Autism Dad Podcast - Canton OH
Welcome to The Autism Dad podcast. Every Friday, I bring you a new episode with an amazing guest and we take on topics that are relevant to your life. You will hear conversations about various parenting topics, mental health, autism, ADHD, technology, current events, and yes, sometimes even politics. It's important to me that I approach these topics in a no-nonsense way and I don't hide my views and opinions.

Finding Mickey
This entire series tells the story of one family’s journey through the unique roller coaster that is life for a family with a child living with autism. They decided to participate in this podcast in order to both raise awareness about autism and provide tips for daily living to other families like them.

The Autism Show
This podcast features a vast array of doctors, therapists, researchers, and educators who specialize in autism. From causes to treatment, advocacy to acceptance, anyone will take something valuable away from each episode.

Autism Empowerment Radio
All about empowering people to manifest those strengths while overcoming the challenges. Simultaneously, it encourages people without autism to recognize and make room in society for that process to unfold.

Autism Quality of Life 
Geared towards adolescents and adults with autism, as well as their friends, loved ones, peers, and colleagues. It provides tips, motivation, and a community of support.

Parenting Autism
The parents of Bryce share their Autism journey with stories about their five-year-old son who was diagnosed with ASD at age two. The podcast is designed to connect with families who have been touched by Autism. It also sheds light on the Mommy and Daddy perspective of parenting on the Spectrum.

Living the Sky Life - Our Autism Journey
This conversational podcast hosts guests from around the globe including parents, autistic adults, educators, medical professionals, siblings of autism, etc discuss their personal connection to autism.

The Bernadette T Henry Show
Bernadette speaks about physical, mental, and emotional wellness for stressed and autism moms. Bernadette also speaks about her favorite exercise, jump rope, and its many benefits. Bernadette also discusses other topics as they arise.

The Autistic Me Podcast
Featuring autistic individuals speaking about their experiences and their identities - including and beyond autism. We will also speak to family members, support providers, experts, and others interested in joining an autistic-centered conversation.

Spectrumly Speaking
Spectrum Speaking is the podcast dedicated to women on the autism spectrum, produced by Different Brains®. Every other week, join our hosts Haley Moss (an autism self-advocate, attorney, artist, and author) and Dr. Lori Butts (a licensed clinical and forensic psychologist, and licensed attorney) as they discuss topics and news stories, share personal stories, and interview some of the most fascinating voices from the autism community.

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