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Meet Anne - Mother of a 53-Year-Old Daughter

I Have So Many Questions!

anne lifespan“I am the mother of a daughter born in 1960 with no speech or sounds for her first 7 years.  I reached out to you and want to convey how much it meant to me, when YOU personally answered my inquiries.  And then kept in touch with me - referencing where I could go for assistance with my many questions.  You even were willing to come to our home to help connect the new IPad to the Internet."

What do I do at the Airport?

Last April I went on a cruise with my 2 daughters.  The eldest has MS, and my youngest has MR/DD and Autism.  What helped the most were the cards you sent me from TSA Cares.  They were small pages, about the size of a credit card, that I printed out - and then could hand over to all the people you have to interact with while trying to fly - getting through Security screenings, especially with medications, and finally reaching our ship in Florida.

I wish I had known about these small cards before when traveling, because it kept from embarrassing my daughters each time I needed to ask for help.  Thank you for telling me about them.

anne ipadHow does this IPad work?

Some months ago I took your advice and had a speech evaluation done for my daughter.  They used an IPad with her - and she lit up like a Christmas tree.  It is magical to me how this device, with the right App can be programmed just to her needs, and also talk back to her.  My daughter and I are anxious to see how this IPad can open up a whole new world that will allow her to express her feelings.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated being in touch with you.  As an older parent, I know of no one else that has a child with Autism; nor do I know anyone who has shown an interest in learning the many facets that an IPad holds for our children, no matter their age.

Thank you!

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