Special Needs Trusts
Financial Support Throughout Your Child's Lifetime

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A Special Needs Trust is a future-planning tool that enables a person with a disability to receive financial support without negatively affecting any government benefits they’re receiving like Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
Special Needs Trusts can ensure financial security for loved ones with disabilities in your absence.

Join the Autism Society of Greater Akron and Amanda Buzo, Esq., Executive Director of Community Fund Ohio, for an hour-long educational webinar about how a Special Needs Trust can help you enhance the quality of life of a loved one with disabilities and give you peace of mind.


Viewers of this webinar can expect to:

  • Learn why a Special Needs Trust is financially smart.
  • Identify potential trustees who can manage, invest and disburse the Special Needs Trust.
  • Be familiar with the distribution requirements of a Special Needs Trust.
  • Know how to fund a Special Needs Trust.
  • Recognize the tax implications of a Special Needs Trust.
  • Be able to compare Special Needs Trusts to ABLE Accounts



Amanda M. Buzo, Lawyer and Executive Director at Community Fund Ohio

Amanda Buzzo HeadshotAmanda graduated from The Ohio State University and the University of Akron School of Law. Before joining Community Fund Management Foundation dba Community Fund Ohio, a nonprofit pooled special needs trust advisor, Amanda focused her practice on special needs, probate, guardianship, estate planning, and elder law, and frequently served as guardian and trustee for minors and adults with disabilities. Now as Executive Director of Community Fund Ohio, Amanda is responsible for the administration of over 5,000 first-party and third-party special needs trusts and oversees Community Fund’s grant program benefiting Ohio nonprofits and residents with disabilities.





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