Act: National Autism Awareness Month 2019

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Take Action

Now is a great time to make your voice heard. Together we can make a great impact on the lives of individuals with autism in our local communities!

Here is how you can get involved to help advocate for the highest possible funding for programs that support people with autism...


Understand the Issues Facing People with Autism

Read our policy positions on issues facing people with autism at the local, state and federal levels.


Attend a Town Hall Meeting in your Community

To find one near you, check


Support Efforts to Reauthorize the Autism CARES Act

Contact your Senators and Representatives and urge them to cosponsor and pass the Autism CARES Act of 2019. The proposed bills would reauthorize the Autism CARES Act for five years. If the Autism CARES Act is not reauthorized by September 30, 2019, the law will expire. 

For a letter, fact sheets and additional resources related to this bill, visit ASA’s Autism CARES Act campaign page.


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Volunteers in our community help us fulfill every day – to improve the lives of all affected by autism. Volunteering with us is easy and there are a number of different opportunities to suit every interest or desire to help, no matter how much time one has to devote to a project. We rely on over 300 volunteers each year! 

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Attend Autism Awareness Events

Support third-party fundraisers throughout April! Download and print this flyer, which contains a calendar of fundraisers and autism awareness events throughout April. Show your support by attending as many as you can!



Become a Member

Becoming an ASGA member provides priority registration to inclusive events and an ASGA car magnet! Most importantly, when you become a sustaining member you are showing your support for the work we do to improve the lives of all those affected by autism in our community. Individual memberships are only $25 a year!

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Sign up for Step Into Autism

Step Into Autism is the signature autism awareness event and fundraiser in our community. Walk side by side with your friends and neighbors who are affected by autism on June 15th at Firestone Stadium in Akron. Learn more and register HERE.

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Start a Fundraiser at Your Business

Pin Up Campaign
Consider selling an ASGA paper pinup for a $1.00. Customers can sign the pinup and hang them on a giving wall at your business. For details, contact Kristen Robinson, Director of Development and Communications HERE.


Start a Personal Fundraiser

At Home
Whether you collect small donations at home or reach out to your extended network via social media, there are plenty of ways to ask friends and family to support individuals and families living with autism. Click HERE for our list of “fun”-raising ideas.

At Work
Co-workers enjoy camaraderie in the workplace. Use incentives! Prizes like a prime parking spot, a comp day or company promotional wear to add to the fun. Create competition among departments! Our fundraising toolkit can help jumpstart your efforts.

At School
Autism Awareness Month is a great opportunity to increase understanding around the issues students with autism face and put energy into a cause they can be proud to support. From organizing a car wash to hosting a night at the movies; schools and students can see things differently!


Wear an Autism Awareness Lapel Pin Throughout April

These ribbons can be purchased from the Autism Society of America's online shop here.



Use People First Language

The words you use when talking about a person with a disability can make a world of a difference. Learn about people first language and how to use it. 


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