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Getting Started

This summer, we were SO fortunate to receive an email from a friend making us aware of the need for volunteers for the Autism Society of Greater Akron’s iCan Bike Camp.  My son Jacob is 14 and needed volunteer hours for confirmation, so I signed up myself, Jacob and his 16 year old brother Aaron to volunteer.  After the first day of camp both boys not only said that they were looking forward to the next four days, but that they wanted to volunteer again next year.  They also expressed how fulfilling it was to see the smiles on the campers faces as they progressed from beginning to accomplished 3

Involving the Entire Family

A few months later, we were fortunate to have another opportunity to volunteer at Autism Awareness Day at the Soap Box Derby.  My husband, Tom, expressed what a great opportunity this event was for the participants and families.  He enjoyed not only seeing the participants’ smiles as they rode down the track in the Soap Box Derby cars, but he also enjoyed watching the parents excitement as their children rode by.  The volunteers even had the chance to ride in the Soap Box cars so that added an additional thrill to the day.

schmidt 1Making a Positive Impact

Again, I have to express how fortunate Tom and I feel to have had the opportunity to volunteer with the Autism Society of Greater Akron.  It has provided us the chance to volunteer as a family, giving us all so many rewarding experiences that we will never forget.  Volunteering with the Autism Society has taught my sons that anyone, no matter the age, can have a positive impact on their part of the world.  Because we have had such an amazing experience, our hope is that Jacob and Aaron will be more likely to volunteer when they become adults.  

We look forward to 2014 and additional opportunities to give back to the community through the Autism Society of Great Akron.