chase says thanksEver feel clueless?

My name is Erin and I am the mother of a 7 year old named Chase.

Chase was diagnosed with autism in February 2013. My husband and I were completely clueless as to what High Functioning Autism was or what that diagnosis meant for our child. With the help of organizations such as the Autism Society of Greater Akron, we were able to gain more information about Chase’s diagnosis and find resources to get him the help that he needs. We also gained hope.

high speed chaseWe found a wonderful therapy center that has been instrumental in helping Chase succeed in school as well as be more comfortable in everyday life.  We read stories of other families with situations similar to ours which helped us realize we were not alone in this new and different journey.

What is life with Autism like for Chase?

Chase’s autism causes him to have difficulty in many different everyday things. He will sometimes struggle in social situations. He is very sensitive to noises, lights, and food textures. He has anxiety in large groups of people and in new settings. He has some issues with both fine and large motor skills. He also has a tendency to react negatively to change in routine. Because of these difficulties, he takes speech, occupational, and physical therapies. Since starting therapy 3 years ago Chase has grown and improved so much! He’s in a regular first grade class and excelling. The Autism Society of Greater Akron provides families in our community with many resources they need to have success like Chase has had

How has the Autism Society helped?

chase santaLast year, we participated in the Lace It. Race It. Face It. Family Fun Walk with our fundraising team (High Speed Chase).  This event shows just how much the organization cares about families living with Autism in our community.  It is a day that provides a sense of belonging between other families who may otherwise feel alone. It’s truly fun for the whole family and my kids look forward to participating year after year.  We also attended the Caring Santa program at Summit Mall.  This was a special time for us because seeing Santa at the mall has never been possible for our family. The crowds cause anxiety for Chase and the lights and sounds hurt his highly sensitive eyes and ears. Because of the small amount of people, dimmed lights, and quiet atmosphere at Caring Santa, Chase was able to enjoy himself without stress or discomfort.

Kids like Chase appreciate your support!

On behalf of my family, please consider making a donation to the Autism Society of Greater Akron. You will be supporting an organization that is committed to improving the lives of individuals and families right here in our community. I know they appreciate your help to continue doing the important work that they do. Kids like Chase appreciate it too.

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